June 10

The Suicide Note

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The sunlight fell on my face, which made me realise that it was morning and that I had to wake up and do the usual boring stuff. I looked at the clock and saw that I had been asleep for a long time. I had a weird and spooky dream that I was dead and it was my funeral. I saw my mom, my dad, my brother and all those whom I barely knew.

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December 25

Wait till the end

Walter Fredrickson was an internet celebrity or sort of according to him. He prank called people and made the videos and uploaded them. He also did gaming walkthroughs and all that. He sure did garner a good amount of views on the internet.

Walter had just finished recording a video and came out of his studio. He scratched his head and looked at his phone; it was two in the afternoon. He walked to the hall and sat on the sofa. He turned his music player and started playing electronic music. He liked it and was planning to record them and upload them on his channel.

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