May 2

The girl by the light pole

Rick Austins was an incredibly successful man. He was the founder of a software company which made him earn two million dollars per month. Single and happy, Rick did not have any intentions to marry anyone even though he was going to turn 41 the next day.

The day started as usual. Rick woke up early in the morning. He freshened up and went out to his balcony with a cup of coffee. He liked standing out in his balcony as the cold wind mixed with the cool fog, slapped his face and made it moist. He drank his coffee slowly with a really loud slurping sound. That’s how he liked it. He thought that the real taste of coffee or any other beverage came only when a person drinks it with a really loud slurping sound.

He did not like doing any exercise. He felt that it was a waste of his time. Then sometime later he walked up to his gate and picked up the newspaper that was fallen down near the gate of his house. He dusted it a little bit and looked at the headlines, “Two men missing.”

“Hah! They must have run off somewhere, probably robbed money from someone and are on the run to enjoy it,” he thought to himself.

He had a bath and wore a suit. Then he turned on his television and started making some scrambled eggs for breakfast. As he sat down on his sofa to eat the scrambled eggs while watching the television his phone rang.

“Hello?” Rick asked.

“Rick……,” a creepy voice answered.

“Yes. Who is this?” asked Rick.

“July…..19…1986,” the voice on the other end answered and then the person who had called him hung up.

Rick was confused.

“July 19? That is today’s date, but what is the meaning of the year 1986? Probably must be a prank call,” thought Rick.

Then after finishing his food he went to work.

Halfway to his office, Rick’s personal assistant Jim called.

“Sir! Our office is on fire! Aah!” he screamed and cut off.

“Damn!” said Rick and drove his car at the top speed. Well not the top speed actually, but faster than he would normally drive.

He reached the building after ten minutes, only to see his building become a pile of ashes and rubble. Three men and five women had died in the fire and seven were injured including Jim.

Rick had to talk with the police and the fire department but they had no clue about what had happened, about how the fire broke out.

He got drunk and went to a nearby park and lay on the grass and soon he was asleep.

He woke up suddenly with a start. Then he looked at his watch, the time was one in the night.

“Aah!” he let out a painful voice. He had got a really bad hangover.

He sat therefor some while, then he heard someone calling his name.


He looked around and saw a girl standing by the pole.

He went to her and stood beside her.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Nothing. I was just playing,” she answered.

“Now at this hour of the night? Don’t your parents worry about you?”

“They did, but I don’t know about it now.”

Rick thought that she might be an orphan. The girl wore a white frock, which was really old.

“Can you tell me a story?” she asked.

“No! I don’t like listening or telling stories,” said Rick trying to massage his forehead. He had got a really bad headache.

“Can I tell you a story?” asked the girl.

“Okay, but try to make it quick,” said Rick trying not to hurt the little girls feeling.

“Okay so there were two friends Rick and Anne. They were really good friends. They did everything together. They ate together, played together and did everything together that ten year old kids would do together. Rick was a really mean boy. Anne was a kind girl. Really terrible type of friends I know. Then one day Rick stole some money from an old woman, and the old woman complained about it to his father, Rick was beaten black and blue by his father. He ran away from his home and came near this well, where he saw Anne playing. She asked him to play with her. But Rick was in a really bad mood so he slapped her and pushed her in that well. She fell in the well, It was dry river. She broke her arms and both of her legs. Then Rick got scared that people might out that he had done this to her, so he took a huge boulder and by a huge boulder I mean the one which he could lift. He throws it on her. It falls on her head and smashes her skull. She dies. Then he goes back to his house. His father is not able to withstand the embarrassment that his son stole money, he thinks that he is not able to show his face to anyone and then he moves away to another city with his family. No one finds Anne. The end.”

Rick stood there staring at the girls face, trembling with fear. He had a cold look in his face. His face starting to sweat.

“How? How do you know all this?” he asked with a really freaked out voice.

“Because I’m Anne. The girl you had killed on July 19, 1986…”

Suddenly her face started to bleed, her skull started to take weird shapes.

Then suddenly a well appeared out of nowhere and Rick was pushed by the girl in the well.

Rick feels a painful sensation on one of his cheeks as if someone had slapped him. His arm starts paining as if broken and the same happens with his legs. Rick started screaming but no one heard his screams. Then suddenly a huge boulder appears out of nowhere and falls on his skull and smashes it.

The well disappears.

The next day the headlines on the newspaper show “Business man Rick Austin Missing.”


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