November 15

The Confusion

“That’s the problem we don’t know anything about him,” said Harry Shane.

“Well, what do you think shall we do then?” asked Jack Parker.

Harry and Jack were at a crime scene. A man had died. His body was cut into pieces. His left hand was about three feet away from the body, the left ankle near his head. Two of his fingers from his right hand were in his nose, two in his ears and the other one was lying around his neck. It was the worst crime scene Harry had seen in his entire thirty years of service; Jack was a young hot headed officer who had experience of just three years.  The other problem that they were facing was that it had been snowing for three days continuously, so the detectives could not estimate the time the murder took place. They had to wait till the reports from the forensic came which would take a day or two. There were only three officers other than Jack and Harry.

“Well, what shall we do?” asked Jack again.

“Well, I think we should wait. That’s what we are supposed to do,” answered Harry.

“I think we should look around,” said Jack.

“Alright, come on.”

They started to search for clues. It was difficult to search for clues with all the snow. It was about two feet deep.  Harry looked around. The scary and weird body kept flashing in his eyes. He was looking around when he saw a sharp object piercing out of the snow. He put on his gloves. He pulled it out of the snow. It was a beer bottle that had been shattered into two parts. It had something that was red coloured on it, it was nothing other than blood. He went back to the body and turned its head slightly to look for any cuts and bruises. He was right. There were some small crystals of glass sticking out of the man’s neck.

He thought what if someone came from behind this dead guy and hit him in the neck with this bottle. The man fainted and then he was cut into pieces.

Jack came to the scene with a tooth in his hand.

“Look what I found,” he exclaimed.

“A tooth?” said Harry.

Harry slowly opened the man’s mouth and was surprised to see that there were four teeth missing from his mouth. He thought that after the bottle hit him and fainted, maybe someone hit him so bad that his teeth came out.

While he was thinking this he heard three gunshots. Jack, Harry and the other officers pulled their guns. They heard another gunshot and one of the men fell down, he was out.

All the men took cover. They saw five men coming towards them. Jack fired a shot it went just an inch over the head of one of them. The gangsters took cover. One of the police officers peeked to look for shot but he was shot in his head and he died as well.

Now there were three officers remaining. Harry peeked out of his cover and fired a bullet at one of the gangsters. He shot him at his chest, he died. Now it was four against three. The last officer stood up from his cover and fired three shots which killed a man, but he died as well. Now it was Jack and Harry against three men. Jack took a deep breath and slowly looked for a shot. He shot at a man who was peeking out. The bullet went right through his skull and he fell down.

Two against two.  Jack stood up and was shot by both the gangsters at the same time. A tear drop rolled down Harry’s eyes. He stood up and shot one of the men and took a bullet in his neck in return.


The last gangster remaining was Charlie Ryan. He does not exist. None of these men exist. This shoot out took place in the head of a schizophrenic in a hospital. His name is Harry Shane.


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