January 24

Death Note – Review

I recently watched the entire series of Death Note and here is what I  think about it.

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To be honest I never really was an anime fan. Though I liked Dragon Ball Z, who doesn’t. It was awesome. And I am a Vegeta fan to tell you guys. I do like Trunks too. They’re both pretty great. Okay so lets put that aside.

I did not like to watch anime, until one day I searched on Google as ‘best horror animated series’ and there it was. So I decided to watch it and it has changed my view about anime completely.

Death Note is a pretty good anime, I guarantee that you will not feel bored even a single second while you are watching this. I loved it. After watching this I’ve had a change in my opinions about Japanese anime series. I have even started to watch other anime series too. To tell you guys I’m on the verge of finishing another anime.

The characters are pretty great in Death Note. I like Ryuk more than any other character in it.

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But I really felt that Misa Amane is really, really annoying. Light Yagami is pretty good too, he’s got that ego, that no one can defeat him. I liked that.

L is also great, but he is really weird. And now comes Ryuk, the Shinigami. Ryuk is really awesome. He is the guy that I found to be the most funny and the most stupid. I really liked him.

As far as I am concerned the story is pretty awesome. A boy finds a book that has the power to kill someone whose name is written in it. He uses it too wipe off the evil from the world, but also gathers attention towards himself in the process.Then he becomes the center of attraction and a really intelligent detective suspects that he is Kira or the killer who has some power to wipe off the evil.

Well I guess that it is enough about the story, you guys too have to watch it right. So let me not snatch all that fun you will have watching this anime. Now it is time for my rating.

RATING – 9.3/10

Thank you guys for reading this post. You can also share your views in the comments section below. I would also like to hear from you guys about other anime’s and I will also watch the one’s that you ask me to. So just let me know through the comments section and also share it on social media if you liked this post.

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