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Cannibal Auctions

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Robbie Park was a journalist and an anchor, lets call him Rob, he was good at what he did.  In fact he was one of the best in it. He did shows in which he would travel to places and shed light on the cultures of that place. Rob had won many prizes and awards in his career.

He wanted to do something special. He wanted to do something for the world which would make him immortal in history. After all that’s what every journalist dreams of.

Rob was just millimeters short of six feet, he was a strong man. Unfortunately he was bald, he had lost his hair about five years ago. He had fallen in the clutches of depression at that time and hence the hair loss. After he recovered from his depression he kept a cue ball look, but he had a mustache, which he loved a lot. He took great care of it.

Rob was on a vacation and was waiting for a new project to be handed over to him by his company.

He was sitting with his son Victor, when his phone rang. They were watching cartoons, well Victor was. Even though Rob had already lost his interest in cartoons, he used watch them with his son just to make him happy.

“Vic, I want to sit here and keep watching your cartoon. Daddy is gonna talk on his phone, okay?” he said to his son with a warm smile.

“Okay,” replied Vic.

Rob walked to his bedroom  and sat on his bed.

“Hello,” Rob said.

“Hi Rob, this is Mary, the project manager,” she replied.

“Yeah, I know who you are Mary. I am not that dumb,” said Rob.

“Yeah, well you never know,” she said.

“Ha, ha! Real funny,” he said with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

“It sure is,” she replied.

“So, whats this call about?”

“You are waiting for your next project, yes?”


“Congratulations, you’ve got one,” she said.

“Yeah? Well that’s nice. So what is it about?”

“Um, I can’t really tell you the details, boss wanted to meet you personally and explain the project to you.”

“Hmm, that’s weird. He has never done that before has he?”

“No, I don’t think so. Anyway, you have a meeting with him at eleven tomorrow.”


“Bye and congratulations once again,” she said.

“Bye,” replied Rob.


Rob was sitting outside his boss’ room. His boss was James Hill.

Hill was a good man, he cared for the people who worked for him. He used to conduct charity events and fund raisers for the unfortunates.

“You can go in now,” said Hill’s assistant.

Rob did as he was told.


“Hello, Rob. How are you?” asked Hill in cheery voice.

“I’m fine, what about you?” asked Rob.

“I’m fine too. How was your vacation?”

“It was fine, I enjoyed the family time.”

“That’s good to hear. So are you ready for your new project?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“You are gonna go to the Bermuda Triangle,” said Hill.

“Bermuda Triangle?” asked Rob.

“Yeah, Bermuda Triangle.”

“What am I supposed to do there?”

“You are gonna hire a boat and sail in waters, you are gonna tell the people about your experience. You will tell why its such a mystery.”

“But according to me, you are handing me a death contract.”

“No! I am handing you a contract which is going to help you’re career a lot. You are gonna have interviews after that, you will have fun,” said Hill.

“You must be kidding.”

“Unfortunately, I am not.”

Rob was a bit shaken to hear that, Bermuda Triangle, that’s probably the most dangerous place on the planet. Hundreds of people had died trying to unravel the mystery behind it. Now it was his turn to sacrifice himself in the name of fame and interviews.

“What if I don’t make it back?”

“Lets be positive. Alright. You are my best man, you have a lot of viewers who watch your shows. This will be good for you and the company.”

“What if I don’t make it back?” Rob repeated.

“Um, what about it?”

“What about my family?”

“I will be sending them money, I will make sure that your boy gets good education. Is that okay?”

“How much will you pay them?”

“I will pay them the double of what you are earning right now.”

“Triple it.”

“Okay done. So now will you go?”

“I have one more question, what will you do if I survive?”

“I will make you one of the managing directors of this company, is that okay?”

“Yeah, I will  do it.”


Rob was in Florida. He had arrived there two days back. Rob had been there once when he was kid, at that time there weren’t so many people. But time flies and here he was once again but this tie he was there for a project.

Rob had booked a hotel room. He had visited the coasts. It was boring to be there alone. He wished that he could bring Vic and his wife, Julia, to Florida. So that they could enjoy the beauty. But that was not possible, so Rob had dropped that idea a while back. But he did think about it every once in a while.

He was walking towards the boat that he had hired. It was much of a boat, it was really old. But that was the best one that he could get. He tried negotiating with many agencies to get a better boat, but this was the best that he got. All the owners of the agencies were afraid to lose their boats. Hence this one.

“So are you ready sir?” asked Shane, he was one if the employees of the agency.

Shane was a short man. He had a goatee. From the way that he looked, Rob assumed that he was in his thirties.

“Yeah, I am. Did you check the fuel?” asked Rob.

“Yes, I did sir. Its full. It has ten fuel containers in the storage cabin,” replied Shane.

“Okay. Tell me something have you ever driven this boat?” asked Rob, he was concerned about the condition of the boat.

“Yes I have sir. Its very smooth,” lied Shane.

“That’s comforting,” said Rob.

As Rob and Shane were talking about the boat, a man suddenly collapsed. All the people around rushed to him. Rob and Shane too rushed to him. He was an old man probably in his sixties or seventies. He was bald. A man pushed everyone aside saying that he was a doctor. He checked his pulse and called Rob to help him. Rob went towards him quickly.

“What has happened to him?” asked Rob. He was perspiring.

“He is having a cardiac arrest,” said the man who claimed himself to be a doctor.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Rob.

“Hold him down, and keep checking his pulse.”


Rob did as he was told. The doctor started CPR. Rob was really scared, he had never seen a man die in front of his eyes.

The man who was dying, suddenly opened his eyes and screamed,”The triangle is calling! He is waiting!” He repeated the same sentences three times and then he gave up. Rob could not feel his pulse.

“Doc, I think….”

The doctor stared at Rob and then he looked at his watch.

“A quarter past eleven,” he said.

The sun was shining, its rays were falling mercilessly on the man. The ambulance had arrived and were taking the man away.

Rob kept thinking about what the old man had screamed before he died. What did he mean, was it a sign for him not to go the Bermuda Triangle. Shane came and sat beside him.

“Sir, you may think that I am stupid, but I think that this is sign. A bad omen and I think that you should not go to the Triangle,” said Shane.

Rob did not reply. He just looked at Shane and nodded. Maybe Shane was right. But now he had come far enough that he could not turn back now.


The afternoon sun was emitting its rays and Rob was now leaving the harbor.  He had a lot on his mind, maybe it wasn’t too late, to turn back. There was still time. But Rob lacked the courage, he could not go back and face Hill. He had signed all the paperwork.

Rob had a map beside the helm. He was going according to it. He was still thinking about the old man.

Then he felt that he should stop thinking about it and concentrate on his task. He felt that it was a coincidence. But if it was then why did the man, say all those words. Who was waiting?

Rob had called Hill and told him that he was sailing in the afternoon, but he didn’t tell anything about the old mad. He had also called Vic and Julia and had told them that he was leaving.

No matter how he tried he could not stop thinking about the old man and Shane. The words that the old man said echoed in his ears and he also thought of what Shane had said that maybe it was a bad omen.


Rob was about twenty nautical miles away from the coast. He was pretty far away from the coast.

The day had turned into night, Rob was tired and was thinking of having a nap. He killed the boats engine and he anchored it. He went to the stateroom which was right beside the storage cabin.

He ate a sandwich which he had purchased in Florida. He looked at his watch, it was exactly nine. He had purchased a book, a thriller to be exact. He was a fan of thrillers. He had been reading them since he was twelve. Many times the thought of writing had crossed his mind, but he was waiting for his retirement so that he could write a book without any worries.

He read it for an hour or so and then he slept.


Rob woke up in the middle night, something had disturbed him. He looked outside through the window, he could not see anything clearly. He thought that maybe he was imagining things. Just as he was going back to sleep he heard a growl. Or maybe it was roar, he wasn’t sure.

He took a gun, which he always kept with himself whenever he used to take up projects and go to other places. It helped him feel safe, though he had never got a chance to use it.

He opened the door and went to the deck. He stood there looking around. Then, he saw something floating in the water. He went in the cockpit and took the binoculars which were in a drawer. He looked through the binoculars to see what was floating in the waters. He was shocked to see a skeleton floating in the water.

As he lowered the binoculars from his eyes, he saw that all around him skeletons were floating. On his right side, on his left side, in front of him and behind him. He was surrounded by floating skeletons.

He could not believe his eyes, then he thought that skeletons cant float in water, because the bone density is more than the waters density to keep them afloat. But then how were these afloat?

Maybe this was all just a dream. Maybe it was a nightmare. He pinched his arm to see if it was real, even though he felt that it was pretty childish. He could feel the pain. What he was seeing was real.

Suddenly he heard a noise. The same noise that he had heard not long ago. He looked to his left and he saw a faint light, it kept on moving towards him. It got closer each second. He was sweating. He was afraid, he was repenting his decision of not turning back.

He ran inside the cockpit and closed the door from the inside. He hid himself in a place from where he could still see the light. The light was getting closer and closer. He was having pretty bad thoughts. Then he looked at the sea there were no skeletons now. It seemed that they had all just vanished. Then he looked back at where the light was, to his surprise it too had vanished.

He waited for some time, he was scared. After ten minutes he opened the cockpits door. He stepped out and turned towards the deck, he was shocked. There was a man standing on the deck, he was emitting some sort of strange light, the same light which he had seen just minutes before.

He turned off the safety of his gun and aimed it towards the man, whose back was facing him. He had a strange feeling that he knew who this man was, even though he had not seen his face yet.

“Hey!” said Rob.

The man did not say anything.

“Hey! I am talking to you! Who are you?” asked Rob, with a brave voice, even though he was afraid.

The man turned back. Rob was shocked.

“You gonna shoot me son?” asked the man.

“Dad? No….No….This cant be true!” exclaimed Rob.

“You look handsome. I never got a chance to see you grow up,” said his dad.

“You’re dead, you died when I was fifteen. This cant be true!”

“Look son, I ain’t got the time to quarrel with you. You need to turn back before ‘he’ sees you.”

“Before who sees me? And why should I believe you?”

“Please son, believe me. You should get out of here right now.”

“I am not going anywhere. I am here to explore the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle. I am not….”

Before Rob could finish his sentence his dad said, “No! ‘He’ saw you!”

“Who is this guy?” asked Rob.

“Listen to me son, you need to get to the volcano and lock the door.”


The man who was his father vanished into thin air. Suddenly his boat started moving forward even though it was anchored. The waters started rising up. The clouds started thundering. The sea became rough. It was making the boat sway violently.

Rob could not stand properly. He went inside the cockpit and latched the door. He tried to take control of the boat, but it seemed that the boat had a mind of its own. He looked towards the sea and saw that there was a rogue wave headed towards him. The sea which was calm just minutes had turned violent. The boats rhythmic and violent sways made him feel sick. He felt that he was gonna throw up, but he tried hard not to.

He grabbed the binoculars, the gun and a torch. He put them inside a backpack which was fortunately lying right beside him. He put on the backpack and tied his arms around the chair which was screwed to the floor and took a deep breath.

The wave hit the boat. He did not let go of the chair. The boat was submerged in the water. The force of the wave kept getting stronger and eventually his arms gave up. He was swallowed by the water. He could not hold back the food that he had eaten any longer. He threw up inside the water. He could see it mixing with the water. Then he opened his eyes and that the skeletons that were afloat a while ago, were all around him. He also some strange creatures, strange organisms which were yet to be discovered. Organisms which had no name. He tried to swim towards the surface.

He reached the surface of the water. He looked around him, the sea was violent now. There were huge waves all around him. On every direction there was a huge wave. Then he saw that another rogue wave was headed towards him. He took a breath. The wave swallowed him.


The sun was shining brightly. Strange birds were flying in the sky, they looked like they were from the time when the dinosaurs existed. Rob lay unconscious on the sands. The waves had brought him to a strange island.

He opened his eyes. His face was embracing the sands. He tried to sit straight, but he could not. He lost his energy. He needed some time to gather it back. He looked around from where he lay. There were huge trees in front of him. His vision was still blurry.

He tried to crawl, but he couldn’t.

He lay there for a while thinking about his father. His father was sailor. He was out on an expedition. No on knew what it was about. Three days after his father’s ship had set sail, the news came that the ship had sunk. No on knew where the ship had sank. It was still a mystery.


Rob felt that now he get up. He was right. He stood up, his backpack was still with him. He looked around him, he could see a volcano. He walked straight into the woods. He thought of what his father had told him. To close the door. Which door? And why did he ask him to close it?

As he was walking he felt a sting on his neck. He touched his neck and felt that there was something attached to it. He pulled it out and saw that it was dart. A man stood on his right  side. He was a few yards away. He looked at him. The man was wearing a suit. Rob fell down.


Rob woke sometime later. His hands and feet were tied with a creeper. He was in a room. A man walked towards him.

Rob could not see him properly as his vision was blurry. He blinked his eyes rapidly. He could not believe his eyes.

He saw a man who was about ten feet tall or maybe more. His skin was red, like blood. He had a long beard, so long that it was touching his stomach. He had long hair. The strangest thing was that he had two horns on his head. They were enormous and they were really sharp. He had long and sharp nails. He was having a tail and a spear.

He was the devil. So that’s why the boats and planes never made it back. Maybe the skeletons floating in the water were the men who had died trying to unravel the mystery of the triangle. Maybe his father too had tried to unravel the mystery, but he couldn’t and that’s why his spirit wandered in the sea. The old mans death was also a warning.

The devil had two men on his either side, they were wearing suits. Rob looked at the men. He was shocked to see that they were one of the richest men in the world. One of them was Jamie Smith, he was the owner of a software company. The other man Will Harrison, he was an investor. But why were they here?

“Robbie Park,” said the devil.

Rob did not reply. Even if he did what was he supposed to say?

“You came here to explore the Triangle. You did not heed the warnings. No one has ever been able to leave this place alive, except the people who worship me,” said the devil.

So that’s why the two men were here. They worshiped the devil. They had sold their souls to him. That’s why they were so rich and so powerful.

“Now you will die, let the auction begin,” announced the devil.

Auction? Did he just say auction?


The devil and Will went outside. Jamie stood there keeping watch. Rob had to get out of this room, he new that he had a really low chance of surviving, but at least he had to try.

“Hey! Jamie,” he called.

“What?” asked Jamie.

“Cut me loose,” Rob said.

“You really think I am that dumb?”

“Yeah, I do.”

Jamie was surprised and angry to hear this. He walked towards Rob to kick him. Just as he lifted his right leg to kick him, Rob used his hands and pulled his left leg. He fell down. Rob punched him even though his hands were tied. He punched his face with both of his fists. He started bleeding, but Rob did not stop. After another five punches he was unconscious.

Rob then put the creeper with which his hands were tied, in the mouth of Jamie. He then used Jamie’s teeth to cut them loose. He pulled down the creeper hard on his teeth, he did it with a rhythmic side to side movement, soon his hands were free. Then he untied the creeper on his legs.

He searched Jamie and found a knife. He felt really lucky that Jamie did not get a chance to use his knife.

His backpack was near the door of the room. He unzipped it and took out the gun and then zipped it back. He wore the backpack and slowly opened the door. There was a man standing outside. He slowly walked towards him. He put his left hand on his mouth so that the man could not scream and slit his throat using the knife. The man fell down. It was none other than Will.

This was the first time that Rob had killed a man. He had Will’s blood all over his hands. He looked and threw up. Even though he hadn’t eaten anything the digestive juices and saliva came out of his mouth.

“I am vomiting a lot,” Rob said to himself.

Rob looked at his right side and saw the volcano that his father had told him about.


Rob slowly moved towards the volcano, he was careful not to make even a little noise.

As he was walking towards it, he saw all the rich and powerful men gathered at a place. They were bidding. They were bidding at something.

Rob hid behind a tree and slowly looked at what was happening. The devil was also there. He was sitting in the front.

“So the next man we have is a traveler, his name is Robbie Park. The starting bid is three people,” announced the auctioneer, who was a minister of some country. Rob couldn’t remember which country he was from.

Rob was shocked to hear this. They were bidding for him. But why would they? What would they gain from it?

One of the men raised his hand and placed his hand and placed a bid.

“Four,” said a woman.

“Five,” said a man.

“Seven,” said another man.

The people had stopped placing their bids now.

“Going once, going twice, sold! Sold to James Hill.”

Rob was shocked to hear this, he felt a chill crawl through his spine. Hill was  here too.

“I am going to eat his brains!” exclaimed Hill.

That’s why they were bidding. They were cannibals. They had already sold their souls to the devil and that’s why they were so powerful, and now they had to please the devil by sacrificing people for him.

Rob started trembling. His legs started feeling weak. He had to reach the volcano and close the door as his father had said. Maybe his father too had been eaten by these cannibals.

“Son, if you are gonna do something, you better do it now,” said a voice in his head.

He knew this voice. He had heard this somewhere. It was his fathers.

This time he took his fathers advice and began walking towards the volcano at faster pace. At the same time he was also careful not to make noise.


Rob reached the volcano, there was a cave. And it was guarded by two men, who were also rich and powerful.

He slowly moved towards the man who was standing at the left side of the cave’s entrance. As he was moving towards him, he stepped on a broken branch that was fallen on the ground. It broke and made some noise.

“Who’s there?” said the man.

The man slowly walked towards the place from where the noise had come. He was alarmed.

Rob hid behind a tree. The man walked straight towards the tree behind which Rob was hiding.

Rob came out from his hiding place and stabbed the man in his stomach. He let out a cry, it was audible enough to make the other man run towards a bell and ring it. Rob had not seen this bell before. He pulled out his gun and shot the other man in his chest. He died on the spot. Rob pulled out the knife from the mans stomach and ran towards the cave.

He reached the entrance and turned back to look at the place where the auction was being conducted. There were no one there. The sound of the gun shot had alarmed everyone. Then he saw something strange in the sky. It was the devil, he was flying towards him.

Rob ran inside the cave and saw that there were thousands of skulls lying on the floor. He looked straight ahead and saw a door. It was a huge door, it was made of human bone. At least that’s what it seemed to be. There was darkness on the other side.  He ran towards it.

Just as he was about to reach the door, there was an explosion right beside him. He fell about three meters away from the door. His forehead was bleeding and he was not able to hear anything for some seconds. Then he looked behind him. The devil stood there.

“You think that you can beat me?” asked the devil.

Rob could not say anything back, because he was in agony.

“Look at you! You are a tiny creature in front of me and yet you dare to  defeat me?”



“I can defeat you. And….I will!”

Rob tried to crawl towards the door, but the devil walked towards and grabbed his neck and lifted him up.

Rob tried to free himself, but he couldn’t after all he was just a human.

“Look at you!” said the devil.

Then Rob pulled out his gun and shot the devils right horn. He tried to shoot him in the head, but he was in real pain, so he couldn’t.

The horn broke into half and fell down. Half of it was on the floor and the other half was on his head. The released his grip on Rob’s neck. He fell on his feet and did not waste any time. He ran towards the door and tried to close it as fast as he could. He had closed half of the door when a mysterious ray of some sort of evil energy came and pulled the devil inside. Rob shut the door.

The walls of the cave began trembling. It was an earth quake. Rob ran towards the mouth of the cave. He had just made it across when a huge explosion took place in front of his eyes. He was thrown away in the explosion. He fell down and saw Hill standing a few meters away from him.

Hill’s skin started developing wrinkles at a rapid rate. His hair started falling down. His teeth tumbled out of his mouth and soon he was reduced to just his skeletons. His spirit was pulled into the cave, hundreds of spirits followed his spirit, they were all being pulled into the cave.

Rob looked at this with amazement and fear. Soon he fell unconscious.


He woke in a hospital. There was nurse standing beside him. She was monitoring his vitals on the screen.

“Where am…”

The nurse looked at him and called the doctor and Julia. They rushed in.

Julia was crying.

“Julia…” said Rob.

“Hey there,” she said.

“Where is Vic?” asked Rob. He was trying very hard to speak.

“He is with his grandparents.”

“What happened?”

“You had an accident.”

“I did?”

“Yeah, You hurt your face really badly. You even fractured your arm.”

Rob took some time to digest what Julia had just said.


“You were about to sail, when you’re boat exploded.”

“How many days was I out?”


“What about Hill?”

“He has gone missing. In fact many of the worlds powerful men and women have gone missing.”

“Even Jamie Smith?”

“Yeah. How do you know about this?” asked Julia. She was curious to know.

“I guessed.”

The doctor came and told Julia to leave. She did as she was told.

Maybe this was all true. But if it was how did Rob end up in a hospital while he was supposed to be stranded on an island. He did not know its answer.

Rob felt the doctor injecting him with some drug. It was a sedative and before long he was asleep.


Thank you for reading this story, I hope you liked it. Do tell me what you feel about the story in the comments section below. Do share this post. Thank you once again.

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    What a captivating story! It has been a long time since I read something that made me so engrossed in it. Will there be a sequel?

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thank you. Maybe there might be a sequel, I am not sure of it yet.


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