June 10

The Suicide Note

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The sunlight fell on my face, which made me realise that it was morning and that I had to wake up and do the usual boring stuff. I looked at the clock and saw that I had been asleep for a long time. I had a weird and spooky dream that I was dead and it was my funeral. I saw my mom, my dad, my brother and all those whom I barely knew.

I was lying in a coffin and everyone around me was crying. Well that’s what happens in a funeral. Someone dies and everyone mourns for some time and then move on. It was the same stuff in my dream but only that it felt as if it was the reality and not the dream world.

Anyway, I decided not to think a lot about it and got up. I walked towards the refrigerator in the kitchen to get some milk. I was feeling very hungry and  I know that everyone brushes their teeth and then do what they want to do, but in my case it was different. I was really hungry.

As I was nearing my refrigerator I saw a note on the counter. I picked it up. I tried to remember what I had written. But I could not.

All of a sudden I felt a shiver run down my spine. My hunger vanished. My body started trembling and I started sweating.

The note smelled of blood and it was stained with blood. The handwriting was mine. I was sure about it. Even though I tried really hard to remember when I wrote it, I couldn’t.

It read,

“I feel that the world does not want me anymore.

The last few months have been really hard for me. I tried my best to adjust with the situations but I couldn’t.

 I quit.”

It was dated three days ago. But how is it possible? I woke up today with the sun beaming on my face. Maybe this was a prank, but it was my handwriting. I knew that something was wrong. Maybe this was just a dream, but it was not.

I kept the note on the counter and sat on a chair which was beside it, I was not able to stand any longer as my legs were feeling weak and I was feeling dizzy. I could hear my heart beat.

The note was written in blood, but whose? I was sure that it wasn’t mine. But then looked at my left hands sleeve, it was blood red. I rolled it up and saw that there cuts on my forearm and a huge cut on my wrist. I did not count them as I was already too scared and worried.

I sat on the chair for a bit longer and then I got up. I searched for a newspaper. The note was three days old, there had to be something in the newspaper. But I could not find any. Then I searched for my phone to call my family but I could not find it as well.

Suddenly I heard the door open. I went to check who it was. It was my mom  and my dad , both were crying.

“I miss him so much,” said my mom.

“I know, I do too,” said my dad.

“But why did he have to go so soon?” asked my mom.

“I don’t know,” said my dad.

“Mom, dad, I am right here,” I said.

“Sometimes it feels like I can hear him,” said my dad and cried.

How was it possible that they could not hear me? How was it so that they could not see me when I was right in front of them?

Then I felt that something was wrong and turned to my right and saw that there was a mirror. But there was no reflection.

What if I was really dead?

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