February 9

The Forest

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“I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t care if you think that I am out of my mind. I don’t care. But what I am going to tell you is the truth,” said Josh with a trembling voice.

It had been 8 years since it had happened. That day changed Josh. He was a person who enjoyed life and wanted to travel. But that day changed everything. No one knew what had happened and whenever he was asked about it he become silent and he would start perspiring. It was a surprise that he was going to reveal what had happened that day. He no longer cared about it as he did not have much time to live. He had been battling cancer for 3 years now.

The doctors said that his time had come to an end and he would be alive for no more than 3 days. His wife Cara along with his brother Liam sat around his death bed, while his son Alex played in the kids play area of the hospital. Alex was just 4 years and did not understand what was going on around him. He did not know that his father was dying.

Cara was a very strong woman who was always there with Josh. There were times when she could no longer take it but she always took care of Josh in his worst days, when he could o longer bear the pain. There were times when she thought that maybe today is the last day she would get to spend with her husband.

Liam felt that he was too weak to take care of his brothers family. He would sometimes come home drunk, but he never created chaos. He would go to his room and cry his heart out.

“We believe you,” said Liam, looking straight into the eyes of his dying brother.

“It was that day that changed my life. I don’t know how long I have before I die. I don’t want to die without letting you know what happened that day. It has been a long time that I have kept it as a secret,” said Josh with a lot of pain in his voice.

“Tell us about it,” said Cara with tears in her eyes.

“It was midnight and it was raining heavily. I was driving my car to a village whose name I forgot and I don’t even remember why I was going there. It doesn’t matter now. There were no cars on the road other than mine. There was forest on both the sides of the road. The winds were very strong and the trees swayed violently. There was thunder every now and then. I felt that there might be a lightning bolt which would strike my car and I would die right there and then. To be honest, I feel that it would have been a good thing to die at that time rather than suffering so much. Anyways, as I was driving a man out of nowhere came on the road and I could not slow down my car and I hit him. I stepped on the brakes and the tyres screeched and finally the car stopped. My car went over him and there was blood all over my windshield. Even though it was raining heavily it stayed there for a while before the rain washed it away.

 I stayed in the car for some while to try to understand what had just happened. I was trembling with fear. I decided to get out of the car and go help the man because I thought that if I did not then that moment haunt me for the rest of my life. But thinking about it, today, I feel that I shouldn’t have got out of my car. I should have just gone to the village,” Josh stopped.

 A nurse had entered his room to check if everything was alright, she checked the screens which showed all those vital signs, which were difficult for a common man to understand, made a note of them on a report that she was carrying with her.

“You need to drink some juice dear,” she said.

Josh grunted.

“Don’t worry, I will make sure that he drinks it,” said Cara to get rid of the nurse and let Josh carry on with his story. She also wanted him to drink some juice.

“Fine then,” the nurse replied with a smile, which had a bit of sadness in it.

After the nurse left Cara got up and brought a glass of juice from a jar which was kept on a table in the room. She put a straw in the glass and sat  beside Josh.

“Come on, take a sip,” she said.

Josh grunted again and took a sip. He made a face which clearly said that he did not like the juice. He tried very hard to not make a face but couldn’t control it.

“So, what happened next?” asked Liam curiously.

“Yeah, like I said I got out of the car with a torch in my hand. It was still raining mercilessly. I walked towards the man. He fell there on the road. His eyes were looking at me. It took a minute for me to realise that there was no life in them. His right thigh had become flat because my car had gone over them. There was blood all around him. His head was also bleeding. He wore a jacked, I checked it to see if he had some sort of identity card, I felt some warmth around his chest. I was shocked and got my hand away from his chest. My hand was drenched in his blood. I flashed my torch on his chest and saw that there was a wound on the right side of his chest. It was a bullet hole. I ran back to my car. Locked the door and tried to understand what had just happened. I looked at my hand there was his blood on it. I felt that I was going to throw up. I opened the door and got out of the car and vomited on the road. The blood by then was washed away thankfully by the rain. Then I saw that there was someone standing in the forest. I thought that it was an animal but it wasn’t.

There was a loud sound and something hit the window of my car. It was a bullet. The window shattered. Rain started to pour in the car. I ran and hid on the other side of the car. He fired once again but this time, to the wheel, so that I could not escape. Another shot and another wheel. I knew that I could not escape in my car. I had to do something or else I would have died at that moment itself, which seems like a better option than dying in this painful way.”

“Take another sip,” Liam interrupted.

Josh gave him an angry look but he knew that Liam was just trying to help him and he did as he was told. He took a sip and painfully swallowed it. He breathed heavily a few seconds before continuing about that day.

“I looked around for something that I could use for my defence. The man fired another shot and this time it shattered one of the windows. I ran in the forest. He shot again and the bullet hot one of the trees. I kept running and did not look back, but I knew that the man was following me. I kept running and what scared me the most was that I was not fast enough to outrun his bullets. The mud had become sticky and slowed me down. There were huge puddles everywhere. I had to crouch and jump just to prevent myself from getting some sort cut from the thorny branches of the trees. The man fired another shot and this time the bullet flew very closely to my right ear and I could hear it disappearing into the forest. My ear kept ringing for some time. I saw a light, I ran towards it. It was a small log house. I ran towards its door and kicked it violently, the door was open. I ran inside only to find another man lying with a bullet hole in his head. I had to do something. I barricaded the door with a table. I knew that it would not keep the man out for a long time, but it would keep him busy for a few minutes. I started searching for something that I could use. I saw that there was an axe in the hand of the dead man. I grabbed it and hid behind a cupboard.

The man came and tried opening the door. The table slowed him down but could not keep him out for long. ‘You cannot escape’ he screamed and started kicking the door or maybe ramming it with his shoulder, I don’t know what he did. Soon he was able to open the door. He came in and started looking for me. I slowly grabbed a book that was on a table beside me. I threw it in the opposite direction and he turned towards it and fired his gun. It was a pistol. I ran towards him and planted my axe in the back of his neck. He screamed painfully. His blood splattered all over my face and my hands and also on my jacket. I pulled out the axe from his neck and took another swing and this time I planted it in the left side of his back. He fell down violently. His blood all over me. The axe still stuck in his corpse. I stood there, shocked and trying to understand what had just happened. I felt dizzy and sat on the floor. I kept staring at my hands his blood was on my hands and also the blood of the man whom I had ran over, unless it had been  washed away by the rain.”

Josh stopped and pointed his finger at the juice. Cara held the glass closer towards his face. He took another painful sip.

“Where is Alex?” Josh asked.

“He is playing in the kids area,” Cara said.

“Call him,” Josh said.

Liam and Cara were surprised that he stopped talking about that day and called his son. No one can understand what goes on in a dying man’s mind. Maybe he thought that it might be the last time he would get to see his son.

“Okay,” said Cara and went towards the kids play area.

Alex was busy playing with some of the kids who looked like they were of his age, more ore   less. Cara called him. He went without a worry about his dying father.

Cara and Alex entered Josh’s room.

“Hey buddy,” said Josh with a smile on his face.

“Hi dad,” said Alex half heartedly as he wanted to go back and play.

“I see you made new friends,” said Josh.

“Yes, but I don’t like them. They are rude. They got all the good toys and aren’t giving them to me,” said Alex angrily.

Josh smiled.

“Can I go back now?” asked Alex.

Josh nodded.

Alex ran back to the play area. Josh stared at him till he was no longer visible.

“What happened after that?” asked Cara curiously.

“I was shocked that I had just killed a man, two to be precise. One was because of self defence and the other was an accident. I don’t know what I was going to do. It was raining heavily and my car was in a condition in which I could no longer drive it. I looked at the pistol, which was fallen beside the man I had just killed. I picked it up and started staring at it. Suddenly, I heard a groan. I looked at the man who had a bullet hole in his head. His eyes were wide open and he was staring at me. Slowly he got up and sat there looking at me. I was scared and started trembling with fear. I aimed the pistol towards him. My hands were shaking. I was perspiring. He kept staring at me. Then he started screaming. It was very loud and I could not bear it. With one of my hands I tried to cover my ear and with the other I aimed at him. He did not stop. My ears started paining and I felt something warm in them. I put the pistol down on the floor and touched my ears. They were bleeding. ‘Stop it!’ I said. But it was of no use. I picked up the pistol and fired it. The bullet went through his stomach and the man stopped screaming. He then stood up. He kept staring at me. His eyes had some sort of demonic power in them. I pulled the trigger once again. It was of no use. The pistol was empty. I pulled the axe from the man lying on the floor and tried to separate his head from his body. He caught the axe with his hand and believe he was very strong. He then pushed me. I fell about 5 to 6 feet away from him. He was very powerful.

He threw the axe on the floor and started walking towards me. I crawled away from him but it was of no use. He pulled my leg and then threw me on the other side of the room. To be honest, I never believed in God but that night, it gave birth to a new and powerful faith in God. He started whispering something and walked towards me. I got up and made a run towards the axe. He was standing in the way. I don’t know what happened but I became strong all of a sudden. I pushed him aside and he fell down. I grabbed the axe and before he could do anything, I separated his head from his body. His head fell a few feet away from his body. I was surprised that this time there was no blood to splatter all over me. Maybe because all of his blood had already drained out. I dragged his body out of the house and made sure that it could not get back up. I cut each of his limbs with the axe and threw each of them in different directions. I went back in the house and grabbed his head and threw it as far as I could. It disappeared in the forest. The corpse of the man who was trying to hsoot me lay there. I dragged his body outside and made sure that it was a few metres away from the house. The rain had almost come to an end. It was drizzling now. I went inside the house and barricaded the door with the table. I fell down on the floor and lay there for a while before I passed out.

I don’t know for how long I was out but I heard something that woke me up. By then the sun was shining bright. It took me sometime to recollect what all had happened that night. I grabbed the axe and stood up. I moved the table and opened the door. I was shocked to see that the man’s head lay right in front of the door. The eyes were wide open, still staring at me. There was no life in them this time. I was sure of it. I started walking towards the road. Exhausted and shocked and scared. My car was still there and the man whom I had ran over, missing. I no longer cared about it. I walked till I reached the village that I was going to. The axe was still in my hand. The blood still on my clothes. The people looked at me with fear in their eyes and kept a safe distance from me and I don’t remember what happened after that. That night still haunts me.”

“You could have told us about it earlier. We would have believed you,” said Cara.

“I was scared that that demon would return and kill me. I kept it as a secret for a long time,” said Josh.

“It doesn’t matter now,” said Liam seriously.

“Now take some rest,” said Cara.

Josh looked at Liam and Cara for a while before he dozed off.


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  1. By Phil Gladden on

    You have several grammar issues. You use the word was eighty nine times. In any instants you use was it is passive voice which is weak. You use the word had twenty seven times. Has is a filler word and it can in most cases be eliminated without changing the meaning. You over use the word I one hundred and twenty seven times. Its hard not to use in first person but it becomes redundant. Finally you use too many weak verbs. Look is used thirteen times when there are other more active versions. Gazed, glanced. peered, squinted, stared, Hope this helps


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