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Pool of Blood

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Ben Stanley arrived at the crime scene. The forensic guys doing their work as usual. The other guys taking photographs of the crime scene, everyone was doing their tasks. Ben was a detective. A tall and fat guy with a huge tummy. That’s how every fat man is but his tummy was comparatively larger when compared to the others. Anyway lets not wander off. A man had been murdered and was lying in a pool of what seemed to be his own blood. Ben had seen many such crime scenes but there was something different about this one.

“Any idea on what happened?” asked Ben with a disgusted look on his face.

“Looks like he is been dead for three days now, at least that’s what the witness says,” answered Patrick March.

Patrick was a man in his forties but looked older. His stressful job had had a very bad effect on his appearance. His hair were grey and his face almost full with wrinkles.  People called him Pat and that’s what we are also going to call him in this story.

“Who is the witness?” asked Ben with a curious tone.

“The maid. She said that she has been coming here from the past three days and knocking on the door, but the guy never opened. She even tried calling him but he never picked up. Then she went to the owner of the apartment and told her that she was worried and behold we find a dead man,” said Pat.

“Okay. Do you know his name or something?” asked Ben.

“Peter Morrison.”

“I don’t know why but I feel like the smell of the blood does not feel like its his blood. I mean I know how human blood smells after all I have been in many crime scenes, but this is different,” said Ben with an unsure tone in his voice.

“Well, we gotta wait till the report arrives,” said Pat and went to talk to one of the men from the forensic department.

Ben stood there for a while observing the crime scene. Then he walked towards the witness.

“I am Ben Stanley,” he said and flashed his badge.

The witness looked at him with a sense of fear in her eyes.

“What is your name?” asked Ben.

“Matilda,” she said.

“That’s a nice name. Tell me something Matilda, how long have you been working here?”

“Two months.”

“That’s not such a long time. Tell me something about Peter. The way he was, his lifestyle, behaviour and something like that.”

“Peter was a good man. He always asked me about my problems and tried to help me in any way that he could. But there was something different about him from the past few days. He would be drunk. But he never did any bad thing in that state. He was hardworking.”

“Can you tell me something more about this change in his behaviour.”

“I don’t know. He would be lying drunk most of the time and he would keep chanting something. I don’t know what that was. I don’t think that he went to work in the past few days. That’s what I feel but he might have been going to work. “

“Alright, thank you. Take my card and in case you remember something just give me a call,” said Ben and gave her his card.

Ben walked towards the body. Pat was also standing there.

“Anything that I should know?” asked Ben.

“Looks like someone cut his throat. I don’t know seems like he had some enemies,” said Pat seriously.

Ben looked around in the other rooms as well. There was nothing much that could help in solving the case in the other rooms.

Ben was in his office looking at the photographs of the crime scene when Pat stormed into his office.

“Looks like you were right,” said Pat and threw the report on Ben’s desk.

“What do you mean” asked Ben.

“Why don’t you read the report,” said Pat with a sort of excitement in his voice.

Ben took the report and read it.

“Oh, you have to be joking,” said Ben.

“Guess you were right about the blood. It was not his. It was goats blood.”

“What sort of a murder is this? Kill a man, by cutting his throat and pour goats blood on him?”

“Seems like that’s what happened.”

“The maid was right, he has been dead for three days now.”

“This is probably the most weird case that I have ever seen.”

“You know what I think, I think that this is was done by some satanic cult. Trying to bring the devil himself. I don’t know what to do now. Any other clues that we got?”

“Yeah. We did get some video footage from the apartments security officer.”

“Great. Let’s watch it.”

Ben and Pat asked one of the officers to get the footage. They waited in silence till they got it. Ben put the CD in his computer and played the file. The quality of the footage was pretty bad because it was night time.

There was nothing for the first two hours of the footage. He had put it on fast forward. But then a car stopped in front of the apartment. The number was not clearly visible but he could get it enhanced and then track down the location of the car. Three men got out of it. One of them was Peter. The other men were much bigger than Peter and much stronger than him. They went inside the apartment and out of the frame of the camera. Ben closed the file and opened a different one.

Peter was still along with those men and looked a bit worried. The quality of the footage was much better than the previous one. They stood in front of his apartment till he unlocked the door. Then one of the men pushed him inside violently and followed him inside. The other man looked around to check if there was someone who might have seen them Then he pulled out a gun with one hand and a knife with the other. He went in the room and closed the door.

Ben and Pat watched the video in silence. Ben fast forwarded the footage. About three hours later one of the men stormed out of the room. He hit the wall in front of the door face first and fell down. He crawled in a hurry and then got back up and ran. He was scared something had happened. Then the other man came flying out of the door and hit the wall violently and fell down. He lay there for a while and then got up and limped away. After that there was silence.

Ben put the file on fast forward to see if anything happened after that. Nothing happened. He closed the file and opened the previous file. The men got in their car and fled.

Ben and Pat sat in silence for a while. They were to trying to understand what had just happened.

“Is the body still in the morgue?” asked Pat breaking the silence.

“Why don’t we find out?” said Ben and got up from his seat.

Just as Ben was about to take his gun which was on the table an officer came in running.

“You are not going to believe this,” he said with a sense of fear in his voice.

Ben and Pat ran to the morgue. The morgue attendant lay mutilated on the floor. His face was disfigured, his blood all over the floor.

Ben and Pat looked at each other.

“Any idea on what happened?” asked Ben to the officer who had come to inform them.

“No sir. The man lay dead when his assistant came back after going to the washroom. Peters body is missing and there seems to be no video footage that record any of the events,” he replied with his eyes fixed on the dead man.

“What do you mean?” asked Pat.

“I don’t know sir. The assistant said that he smelled something foul and when he came back this is what happened.”

Ben stood there trying to believe what was happening.

“Pat come with me,” Ben said.

Ben and Pat went to the apartment where all of this had happened. They got out of the car and looked at the apartment. They went in with guns in their hands.

Ben had a feeling that Peter might be in the place where this all had started.

They walked slowly in the corridors trying to be as quiet as possible. Ben was perspiring so was Pat.

They reached Peters apartment and saw that the door was open.

“Help me God,” said Ben.

“It’s the police, if anybody is in here, please come out slowly,” screamed Pat.

Nobody replied.

They walked towards the hall and saw a man on the floor. He knelt in the place where Peter was found. The man was none other than Peter himself.

“Sir, surrender yourself. Put your hands up and turn around slowly,” said Pat.

“I need backup at Peters apartment. Peter is here, over,” said Ben in his walkie talkie.

Peter groaned. Then he looked back. He got up. Turned around. His eyeballs were grey and there was blood oozing out of his throat. His face was pale and full of veins. Then he raised his right hand. And pointed towards Ben’s gun. His eyes started bleeding.

Ben aimed the gun on his head. His was thumping very fast.

“Stand right where you are and surrender yourself,” said Pat.

Peter put down his hand and looked at Pat. He then gave out loud scream and ran towards Pat. Pat started shooting at him but none of the bullets hit him.

Ben could not take a shot as he was afraid that he might hit Pat.

Peter punched Pat in his stomach. Pat gave out a painful cry and fell down on the ground. Now was the best time for Ben to shoot and did.

The bullet went in Peters back and came out from his stomach. Blood splattered all over Pat.

Peter turned towards Ben.

“Help me God,” said Ben.

He took a few steps back and fired three shots at Peter. He missed two and the last one went in Peters head. He fell on the ground. Ben stood there trying to understand the situation. Then he fired at Peters body until there were no bullets left in his gun.

Pat lay on the floor in pain.

A few minutes the backup arrived. The police offers rushed in with all their weapons and could not believe their eyes. Ben lay dead on the floor. His throat was cut. Pat lay dead beside him in a very unnatural position.

There was no sign of Peter.

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