December 29

Are You Afraid Of The Dark ? – Sidney Sheldon

Are You Afraid of the Dark? The story is great according to me I can say without hesitation that this is one finest books ever. Sidney Sheldon a well known author, has crafted the story beautifully.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is the last book of Sidney Sheldon and a really fine book. The twists and turns in the story fill your stomach with all the thrill and suspense you need. If you are thinking of buying a book then this is a must according to me.

The plot – In four corners of the world, four people die mysteriously, all working for the same company. Two of the victims’ widows – Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris team up to find the cause for the deaths of their husbands. They combine their wits and powers and stand to fight the worst nightmare of their lives.

Genre – Thriller

Rating: 4.4/5

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