February 27

Pool of Blood

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Ben Stanley arrived at the crime scene. The forensic guys doing their work as usual. The other guys taking photographs of the crime scene, everyone was doing their tasks. Ben was a detective. A tall and fat guy with a huge tummy. That’s how every fat man is but his tummy was comparatively larger when compared to the others. Anyway lets not wander off. A man had been murdered and was lying in a pool of what seemed to be his own blood. Ben had seen many such crime scenes but there was something different about this one.

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August 1



I followed him through the streets of London. He was a way to find Rick Anderson, the leader of a terrorist organization. Rick was a good man before an incident took place in his life, it changed him. No one knows what happened to him.

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May 20

The Red Liquid


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He stood there watching with horror. The man in red liquid fallen in one of the garbage boxes. The boy who saw was shocked. He was unable to move a muscle. His body sweating, his heart racing like a Ferrari. He could not just look anywhere else. He fell down, into a deep black pit, in his worst nightmares. He fell unconscious.

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