December 29

Divine Justice – David Baldacci Ratings

   David Baldacci is one of the world’s best storyteller and this is one of his book that I have read.

Okay so its the fourth installment of the Camel Club series. So it is good book, nice story, interesting. But I think that the plot is not up to the mark as you would expect from David Baldacci. I’ve read his other books too like “The Innocent” which has its own pros and cons but I think that Divine Justice is not as good as The Innocent. It does not thrill as much as The Innocent.

The plot- An assassin Oliver Stone, aka John Carr, is on the run after assassinating a well known U.S. Senator and the U.S. government has released a massive manhunt to find him. Then Stone meets Danny in a train, being bullied and saves him. He goes to Danny’s town Divine to hide from the U.S. government, but is dragged into a lethal situation where there is a dark secret. He finds it out and gets tangled in it.

Genre- Crime fiction

Okay so according to me the rating for the book is: 4.3/5

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