May 2

Pet Semetary – Stephen King Rating

 This is one of the books of Stephen King, who of course is like one of the greatest authors in the mystery and horror category. I mean his books are really spooky and well what else would you expect from a author of his caliber. He even calls it as his book as the scariest that he has written till now.

He  is one the most renowned authors. I think each and every person has to read at least one of his books once in their lifetime. He creates a kind of a tension in your mind and then suddenly you feel as if your the character of the story whose going to be haunted.

Pet Semetary sure is a good book, but the only thing that I did not like is that Stephen King has made the story a bit predictable like who is going to die next. It sure has got its own twists and turns and overall the book is good. A must read according to me.

The plot- The family of Dr. Louis Creed move to a new house. In front of their house is a highway which is used mostly by speeding trucks. Their neighbor Judson Crandall warns about Louis Creed about the highway. Behind there new house is a pet cemetery which has got kind of like powers of its own, dark and evil powers. Soon terrible events take place and Louis comes to know about the powers of the cemetery and soon he is stuck in a very scary situation.

Genre- Horror

Rating- 4.0/5

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