May 2

Pirate Latitudes – Michael Crichton Ratings

 Michael Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes is a book which one has to read at all costs. I loved the book, its awesome. The twists and the turns are just too good. I mean its Michael Crichton we are talking about the man who wrote Jurassic Park series, I mean he is like one of the greatest authors ever.

The story is great with only a little flaws, I mean every book has its own flaws. But this one is a good book. Its just tremendously awesome.

The plot- Privateer Captain Charles Hunter who is appointed by Jamaica’s governor Sir James Almont, plans to raid a Spanish galleon for its treasures. But raiding it is not less than a suicide mission. Meanwhile Robert Hacklett is hired as the secretary to Sir James Almont, but he has got plans of his own. Now its up to Hunter and his crew to raid the galleon and to escape the clutches of the new governor.

Genre – Historical Drama

Rating – 4.0/5

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