May 2

Ronaldo : The obsession for perfection – Luca Caioli Ratings

 Luca Caioli’s ‘Ronaldo : The obsession for perfection’ is a biography about one of the football’s greatest strikers Cristiano Ronaldo. So now I’ve read the 2015 updated edition of this book. The book sure is a nice one, its got some pics. There is an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo and then there is his story from his rags to riches. I am a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo to be honest and that is why I took this book.

There are some mistakes in it though like there is not everything as mentioned in the back cover of the book. But overall its a good to read. Luca Caioli is a renowned Italian sports and journalist and a writer, he also written books on Lionel Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres. I haven’t read those. His writing style is good. I like the way he has written ‘Ronaldo : The obsession for Perfection.’ So do read the book if you are a die hard fan of CRistiano Ronaldo.


Thank you for reading this. I would like to have some feed backs, comments, your opinion about the book. I can even rate the books that you would ask me to. All you have to do is leave some comments that’s it. THANK YOU.