May 2

The books that I’m reading currently

Hello guys. Well I recently bought these four books and I am going to read them and I will soon give their ratings and their reviews. I recently read Stephen King’s ‘Pet Semetary’ and it was a good book. I have also published a page about its reviews and ratings according to me. So here are the books that I recently bought:

  1. Agatha Christie’s ‘Appointment with death’
  2. Robert Ludlum’s ‘ The Lazarus Vendetta’
  3. Tom Knox’s ‘Bible of the dead’
  4. Tom Clancy’s ‘Patriot games’

So these are the books I recently bought and now I’m reading Agatha Christie’s book right now. Do tell me the books that you would like me to read and to review them or rate in comments below. And do tell your own views about them and the books I’ve already rated.