December 29

The Clocks – Agatha Christie Ratings

 The Clocks by the queen if crime Agatha Christie is a normal book I would say like in between good and bad. The story is a bit boring when compared to the stories of the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. The story has been stretched really long and the characters keep talking about the same thing in the story. Everything is repeated over and over again.

The book is not up to the expectations. When you think of books of Agatha Christie they are good but sadly not this one as I don’t think it is much exciting.

The plot – Sheila Webb is sent to the home of a blind woman and is discovers a dead man behind the couch, surrounded by four clocks that have been stopped at 4:13 . The owner arrives home and when questioned by the police about the clocks denies that she does not own them. Later a woman claiming to be the wife of the man turns out to be fraud. Can Hercule Poirot unravel this case?

Genre – Detective Fiction

Rating – 3.2/5

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