January 3

The Innocent – David Baldacci Ratings

The innocent - baldacci - bookcover.jpg  ‘The Innocent’ written by David Baldacci is a nice novel. The story is kind of like ‘Divine Justice.’

Its the first installment of the Will Robie series, a government assassin. The story is a bit too poor, the starting of the story is good but as you approach the end of the story it gets a bit boring, with the same things repeating again and again.

The plot – Robie returns after two successful assassinations. He is given a new target to kill, but the assassination attempt goes wrong. He refuses to kill the target and a backup killer kills his target. Robie is forced to run from his own people.

Meanwhile, a teenager Julie Getty is on the run after watching her parents murdered and meets Robie. Robie decides to help her.

The case is given to agent Nicole Vance. Robie too is appointed to investigate the assassination which he refused to do.

Genre – Thriller

Ratings – 3.9/5


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