December 29

The Kill List – Frederick Forsyth Ratings

The Kill List 2013 cover.jpg The Kill List written by Frederick Forsyth is really bad for a writer of his caliber, there could have been more thrill and more twists in it.

The Kill list is bad when you compare it to the other books of Forsyth like The Odessa File, The Day Of The Jackal or The Dogs Of War. It is really boring when you read it, when you start reading it you can predict what is going to happen next. The plot too is not good. The book could have been nicer if there were more conversations between the characters in it. There are really less conversations in it.

The plot – Many high level authority figures are being assassinated by Muslim extremists who are being inspired to kill such people by online sermons of a veiled man known only as ‘The Preacher’. He speaks flawless English. The government of the U.S. soon places him in the top of The Kill List. The job of searching and eliminating the criminals on the list is given to TOSA (Technical Operations Support Activity). It sends its best man known as ‘The Tracker’. He has got his own reasons to find and kill him as his father is assassinated by one of the men inspired by the Preachers sermons.

Genre – Suspense, Thriller

The rating of this book: 3.0/5

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